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of Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics., arXiv:astro-ph/0507099 v2, 22 Feb. For each kind of change under specified conditions, the heat capacity is the ratio of the quantity of heat transferred to the magnitude of the change. Gyarmati and W.F. S. J. The coldest theoretical temperature is absolute zero, at which the thermal motion of atoms and molecules reaches its minimum classically, this would be a state of motionlessness, but quantum uncertainty dictates that the particles still possess a finite zero-point energy.


The Tragicomical History of Thermodynamics, 1822-1854, Springer, New York, ISBN 0-387-90403-4. It makes good sense, for example, to say of the extensive variable U, or of the extensive variable S, that it has a density per unit volume, or a quantity per unit mass of the system, but it makes no sense to speak of density of temperature per unit volume or quantity of temperature per unit mass of the system. Measurement of the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation from an ideal three-dimensional black body can provide an accurate temperature measurement because the frequency of maximum spectral radiance of black-body radiation is directly proportional to the temperature of the black body; this is known as Wien's displacement law and has a theoretical explanation in Planck's law and the BoseEinstein law. (1961). ^ Landsberg, P.T. For everyday applications, it is often convenient to use the Celsius scale, in which 0C corresponds very closely to the freezing point of water and 100C is its boiling point at sea level.


All Rights Reserved. (1983). Partington, J.R. (Lord Kelvin) (March 1851). XX (part II): 261268; 289298. 73.


"Sysiphus cooling of electrically trapped polyatomic molecules". ^ Kondepudi, D. "On the Dynamical Theory of Heat, with numerical results deduced from Mr Joule's equivalent of a Thermal Unit, and M. (Lord Kelvin) (1848). Shapiro (2006). The 273.15K difference between K and C is rounded to 273K to avoid false precision in the Celsius value. (August 2012) (Learn how and when to remove this template message) . Menu SUPPLIER RESOURCESWorkforce ResourcesProcurement ResourcesSupplier DiversitySupplier RegistrationSupplier Analytics PortalABOUT USCompany OverviewCorporate Social ResponsibilityInvestor RelationsPress RoomCONTACT US HomeCareersBusiness Services & SolutionsSupplier ResourcesWorkforce ResourcesProcurement ResourcesSupplier DiversitySupplier RegistrationSupplier Analytics PortalAbout UsCompany OverviewCorporate Social ResponsibilityInvestor RelationsPress RoomContact Us CAREER INFORMATION & JOBSBUSINESS SERVICES & SOLUTIONS Welcome to KellyKelly Services has been a leader in providing workforce solutions since 1946a heritage of lasting innovation that spans more than 70 years. Carathodory (1909).

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